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narendra modi bjp prime minister candidate for india election2014

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Here is all detailed news about indian prime minister candidate for 2014 Narendra modi. Narendra modi is popular politician from Gujarat state in India. Recently announced as campaign chairman of BJP and front runner of prime ministerial candidate for BJP and NDA, avid opposition (silent opposition though) from some senior party leaders. Narendra Modi has his pros and cons, but one line that suits him is you can hate him or love but you can't ignore him. He will play most crucial role for BJP in loksabha election 2014. Though he is not talking about Hard Hindutva line which is good for BJP as they also want to lure some Muslim votes, still there are doubt that Muslims will vote for him across all states. One more thing that is significant to know is that Modi has never been central leader and the first time he will promoted as central leader, he has huge pressure of taking BJP across the line. And one last thing that is exciting to see is whether BJP has made blunder of decision by naming and promoting him as most important leader or have they hit jackpot. All these questions will only be answered after Loksabha Election 2014 but a glimpse of it can be seen in Assembly election of 2013. But before all of this, he has an important role to play in bringing new ally in NDA.

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