India voter list 2019

The names of eligible electors normaly residing in an assembly constituency, are listed in Indian voters list by the registering authority, these lists are called Electoral Roll of that assembly constituency. The name and details of voters are included in the voters list prepared on the basis of assembly constituencies.This is grouped under each polling booth and there are about 2500 voters are listed in each booth.You can check your voters list and if you are eligible, you can apply for it throuh online if you are not in list. Here is a collection of Indian state wise latest voter list and other related informations

Total voters in India voter list 2019- 89,87,68,978 (Males- 46,70,04,861; Females- 43,17,32,825 Others-31,292

Total voters in India voter list 2014- 81,45,91,184 (Males- 42,66,51,513 ; Females- 38,79,11,330 Others- 28,341

Indian Electoral Process 2019

This engaging video tells about the Indian Electoral Process, elections to Parliament and State Legislative Assemblies and how a single vote can be a determining factor. This is why, one should vote smart, vote ethically..

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